2013: The Year of Improvement

I’ve been neglecting this poor thing.  Apologies.  I would say that I’ve been too busy during break focusing on my plans post-graduation, but really, after the end of finals last month I completely turned off any and all forms of thought.  In my absence from this blog I’ve picked up obsessively playing Sims 3 (after nearly a week of nonstop gaming I’ve quit my addiction cold turkey), building miniature ecosystems and fantasy-lands through terrariums and tons of sleeping.

However, when the new year began I resolved that this year I would work on becoming a better version of myself, meaning stepping outside of my comfort zone, taking risks and doing constructive things for me and those around me.  So in making improvement my ultimate yearlong (lifelong?) goal, I’ve come up with a list of things to keep me grounded as I head into my final semester as an undergrad and face whatever 2013 has to throw at me.


  • Yes or No — Take your issues, tasks and to-dos head on while keeping in mind that some days it’s alright to take a step back, regroup and simply work on what you’ve already got.  
  • More “thank you’s,” “I love you’s” — Always show your appreciation and gratitude to those you surround yourself with.  I’ve learned that life is too short to waste time not showing family, friends and lovers how much you care.
  • Your body is a temple – Whether you’re a wannabe yogi and Pilates aficionado like myself, a gym rat or simply walk your dogs to the local farmer’s market, get out there and get your body moving.  Your physical self is as only as good as you nourish and maintain it, so treat it well.
  • Travel, travel, travel — As you can see by some of my previous posts, you don’t have to go far to step out of the bubble of your hometown to experience different people, cultures, tastes and scenery.  A quick one-hour drive to a neighboring city can be just as eye-opening as a 14-hour flight to Vietnam.
  • Cherish the little things — Sure, big happenings may be life-changing but it’s the slow and steady ebb and flow of the everyday you should keep an eye on.  Waking up to the unconditional love of your pets, helping your mom out with dinner, watching tennis matches with your dad on ESPN, heart-to-hearts with your siblings — those are the things that make life so grand.
  • I am that I am — You could say that this is my new mantra when it comes to my outlook on life.  Undeniably, you are you and no one else so stop trying to be that Victoria’s Secret model or that hunky actor with the six-pack.  Of course there is always room for improvement, as there always is and will be, but be happy with who you are because she/he is who you are ever going to be.

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