Midnight City

You know, for a girl who’s been to Europe and Asia multiple times since childhood, it’s fascinating how little I’ve seen of my home country.  In fact, the most sightseeing I’ve done stateside has consisted of family vacations to Hawaii or prolonged layovers on international flights in cities like Houston or Dallas.  I guess you could say I’ve had little faith in what treasures the U.S. could offer that I hadn’t already discovered in other places.

As for New York, I always considered the city to be an over-romanticized, hyped up metropolis that people dreamed of living in because of its saturation in television shows, movies and photos they saw on Tumblr or something.

Undoubtedly, all of my presumptions about the city were embarrassingly wrong.

In simply peeking out of my plane window once touching down and seeing day break over the remnants of a two-day snow storm I knew I was in an entirely different world.  Everywhere I went there was a blending of both foreign and familiar elements that blended together to create an atmosphere that was dually exciting and welcoming.  From the food, weather, people, music, it was as if a little piece of my summer travels has resurrected itself in the magnificent city.


Admittedly, my trip has done nothing for my feelings of stagnancy in San Jose.  I originally planned for my getaway to be a quick, revitalizing weekend with my boyfriend, but after stepping my first foot onto the streets of Manhattan it’s as if a new hunger and thirst has been installed in the hard drive of my mind.  Three days in New York was not nearly enough for me to see all of the city’s districts and neighborhoods and I’m not sure how long it will take for me to be fully satisfied — or if I will ever be.  Like Paris and London, New York has so much to offer that it would take years for one to fully appreciate its beauty and splendor.

Alicia Keys captured New York’s essence perfectly when she sang that it is the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” because really, there isn’t any other place on Earth where people of all nationalities, genders and backgrounds flock to with the intent to live out and achieve lifelong aspirations.  And if that means dealing with expensive foods, even more expensive fashions, public transportation and its eclectic bunch of patrons, then so be it — because New York, you are thrillingly perfect.


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