Est-ce que je suis vraiment à Paris? (Or, am I really in Paris?)


Today was the first day that I truly realized that I was “en Paris.” And strangely enough, it came from simply walking — more like wandering — through the city. It began as my classmates and I participated in a walking tour of the Ile de-Cite and the Ile Saint-Louis, when the unique crooning of a French accordion began to float through the air. A total cliche of French musique of course, but as the rich, melodically disoriented notes of the accordion fluttered through the air of La Seine, an excitement came over me.


The feeling only continued to bubble as we crossed the bridge, where we watched a street performer entertain and play with passing children through blowing massive bubbles using two sticks and string. It was a simple yet moving moment, one that made me realize that I am in the most beautiful, romantic and majestic city in the world.

Anywhere and everywhere you turn there is exquisiteness. A person can wander aimlessly yet still stumble upon the most enchanting, alluring or even life-altering scene. There’s something about Paris that evokes a mystical — or even mythical — quality and I cannot wait to lose myself in it.


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