London Calling

IMG_0073 b&wSorry about not being able to post any earlier than today when I’m actually out of the city and have relocated to Paris, but the lack of available wifi made it impossible. It’s also tedious to write and read a minute-by-minute detailed log of what I did there, so here’s an excerpt from my reflection I wrote in my travel diary on my time aboard the Eurostar en route to Paris.

It’s difficult not to fall under the amorous spell of a city as breathtaking as London. As Austen’s Mr. Darcy said “you have bewitched me body and soul,” the same sentiment can be shared of the lasting impression that London has made on me. Rich in diversity, culture, tradition, innovation and style, London has developed its own irreproachable essence. Behind every brick a story — a personality. I use the term personality in that each piece of London, no matter its size or significance has its own background and therefore, stake in history. From parks to monuments to bridges, every part of the city has a story to share with any eager listener or curious passerby. Taken as a whole, London is incredible — mystical, really. But when absorbing each and every experience shared with friends, locals and cityscape individually, a unique intimacy metamorphoses between person and city.

More pictures to come!

  1. gabrielleangelica said:

    I’ll be in Oxford/London in about two weeks. How was the Eurostar ride? Do tell do tell!

    • Hello! The Eurostar ride was alright, I slept through the majority of it since it runs at about three hours. Are you using it to go into Paris?

      • gabrielleangelica said:

        Yep! I thought it would be cheaper though :-s

      • Yeah, but it is a whole lot cheaper than flying by plane! But, if you are ever in one country in Europe and want to fly around to neighboring nations, try and book flights using EasyJet. It’s super cheap! Think of it as a European Southwest 🙂

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