Too Blessed to Stress

It’s surreal that in one week I will be flying half way across the globe alone. Of course, I’ll be with my classmates, but the fact that this is the first time that I will be traveling out of the country without my mother’s hand to hold is nerve-racking to say the least.

It probably doesn’t help that “Taken” has been on TV for the past few nights.

But, Liam Neeson’s outrageous ass-kicking and all apprehension aside, I cannot wait. With all of the weekend trips, concerts, family visits and everything in between I know that this will be something I will never regret. Granted, there’s a lengthy list of things that I still need to do, but in the mean time, I’m just thankful for being able to participate in such an awesome program.

I’m too blessed to stress and am counting down the days until I board that plane and start my adventure — which will be seven, to be exact.


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